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What do we do? We provide business support for UK companies importing, exporting and doing business with China and provide training in Chinese business culture and etiquette.

We also provide Chinese Translation and Interpreter services, Market Research in China and assist UK companies with Chinese tourism providing the right customer service for Chinese tourists and Chinese High Net Worth Individuals visiting the UK.

We are passionate about helping companies excel, if we can help get in touch.

The Key to success in China - Is knowing Chinese Business Culture & Etiquette

Doing Business with China

Doing Business with the Chinese in the UK and China

Whether you are Importing, Exporting, Doing business in China or Meeting a Chinese Delegation this will be a challenge, especially if you do not know China's business and social culture, etiquette, consumer behaviour and China's diverse markets.

China is an ancient culture and does business very differently to the British preferring to spend time building trust and establishing relationships before committing to business. Continue Reading...

Doing Business in China:

Chinese Tourism in the UK

Chinese Tourism in the UK

Whether you are running a hotel, restaurant, shop or tourist park, good customer service and interaction with Chinese tourists is paramount to more sales, especially as they are cash rich, dept free and last year (2013) Chinese tourists spent on average £663 per transaction.

The way you serve Chinese customers is very different in China providing a much higher customer service.

We provide bespoke services and training focusing on assisting you in serving, attracting and targeting your Chinese customer base including Chinese government officials, Chinese High Net Worth Individuals, Chinese Business Travelers, Chinese students and Chinese tourists. Continue Reading...

We deliver Chinese Tourism:

Mandarin Chinese Translation Services | Chinese Interpreter Services

Chinese Interpreter Services

We provide high quality Chinese translator and Chinese interpreter services in Mandarin (Chinese to English and English to Chinese). Our translators and interpreters are highly skilled, University educated to Masters degree level and have lived and worked in China and the UK.

Our Chinese translation services are perfect for public facing companies / organisations such as local government, public transport, universities, restaurants and shops.

With our Chinese interpreter services, we are more than happy to assist you in business meetings, lectures, factory visits, business trips abroad or for less formal occasions such as family weddings and family get togethers.

We provide Translation & Interpretation:



"非常荣幸选取了我们餐厅作为背景介绍,一位非常和蔼专业的英国绅士,还有细腻缜密的韩老师,希望能有机会继续听到你们的课程。 Very honoured they used our restaurant pictures. Gary is a very good professional lecturer & I'm looking forward to attending more courses".

"We found the course very interesting, they certainly earned their fee. Their presentation was thorough and discussions were two way".

"The etiquette of dining and tea pouring was very helpful. I think we have been aware of 'Face' and the importance of 'Relationship Building' but was unaware of the detail and how to develop both".

"There is clearly much to learn which can not be covered in one day and more training will sort in the near future".

"The offer to help us afterwards is very much appreciated & we will take them up on that".

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Buddhists accepts Go Frontiers help to restock local lake on New Years Day 2014

On a freezing New Years Day, just outside Beijing, the directors of Go Frontiers kept their promise of Corporate Social ResponsibilityBuddhists accepts Go Frontiers help to restock local lake on New Years Day 2014

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